AVEVA Wonderware InTouch basics

Virtual training: AVEVA Wonderware InTouch basics

Date: 23-26.1.2023 remote and 17-20.4.2023 remote (4 days)
Training time:
Price: 970 € (VAT 0%) class
Price: 690 € (VAT 0%) remote
Language: English
Training material: English
Equipment requirements: No.
Software Requirements: The training is conducted on a pre-built Skytap cloud service computer that can be connected via a web browser.

In the training, we use Zoom software for the presentation. Test compatibility with the Skytap environment with Connectivity Checker before training.

This is a three-day basic course on the InTouch Supervisory Control software, comprising the main features of InTouch and the creation of applications with Archestra symbols and the Situational Awareness library.

Wonderware InTouch Basics course goal is to
provide basic information and expertise on the use of InTouch in automation and network applications. To ensure the correct and optimal use of InTouch in different environments. The course is recommended for all InTouch users.

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Presentation of Klinkmann, Wonderware and InTouch
  • Creation of new InTouch projects with the Application Manager
  • Introduction to Windowmaker, Windowviewer, tag database and I/O connections

Day 2

  • Situational Awareness visualization
  • Alarms and history

Day 3

  • Scripts in InTouch and Archestra Symbols
  • Security
  • Intouch maintenance


Klinkmann Trainings Cancellation Policy

Notice of an intent to cancel a registration must be made in writing to Klinkmann. Training candidates whose cancellation request is received within 7 calendar days prior to the training date will incur a fee equal to 50% of the obligated fee. If a registrant does not participate in the training and no written cancellation is received prior, the full fee will be charged.

A request for a substitution of a participant must be notified in writing before the training date.

Klinkmann reserves the right to cancel and change any training and events. In case a course must be cancelled registrants will be informed prior to the start of the training.

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