SMART Manufacturing Day 2021

Advance your manufacturing smarter and faster. Smart manufacturing is a journey, not a destination.
As technology evolves, so do the opportunities.

Join Smart Manufacturing Day on November 24th at Espoo

Embracing Smart Manufacturing is no longer optional. In this seminar you will be introduced in techniques of how to enable SMART manufacturing in your operations and facilities and how it equips you with the information and insights to optimise productivity, quality, risk management, and sustainability.

We have speakers coming from all over Nordics to talk about Smart Manufacturing and how it will provide you the flexibility to address manufacturing issues quickly and efficiently, while reducing downtime and risks to your workers, assets, and reputation. Start your Smart Manufacturing journey in November 2021 with us!

Smart Manufacturing Day Agenda ​

8.45 Welcome, Agenda and Speakers, Pasi Lehto, Klinkmann Oy
We have reserved breakfast, coffee and tea for you from 8.30 to 9.00.

9.00-10.00 Smart Manufacturing, Christoffer Nordström, Rockwell Automation 
Smart manufacturing and digital transformation means connecting devices to machines, systems, and ultimately the entire enterprise infrastructure. In this topic you’ll learn what it means for machine builders to protect customer information, intellectual property, assets, workers, and environment in connected enterprise. 

10.00-11.00 Machine Safety, Niklas Flykt, Klinkmann Oy
In this topic we will conquer three large safety topics: Machine Safety, Process Safety and Safety Management. You will hear how safety as a standard will reduce development time in machine building, but also how to protect your people, assets, and environment. Managing your safety in effective way you will deliver measurable difference to plant safety, performance, and profitability.

11.00-12.00 Lunch Break

12.00-13.00 Emulate3D, Ervin Kaur, Klinkmann Estonia
We will talk about the new features of Emulate3D, a digital twin tool from Rockwell Automation. The new features and functions will benefit project houses, machine builders and production facilities. Emulate3D emulates all major automation devices incl. Rockwell and Siemens.

13.00-14.00 What’s new from architecture, Christoffer Nordström (Rockwell Automation) and Tommi Valkeapää (Klinkmann Oy) 
Learn how Integrated Architecture is keeping pace with automation trends and with which products to meet market challenges. We are featuring new L8 Series PLC built-in process libraries among other things like Guard Locking switches and Safety Curtain solutions for premium integrations and how new Kinetix 5100 offers enhanced safety capability and dual port Ethernet/IP for various network topologies. 

14.00 Thank you!
We have reserved coffee/tea and sweet pastry.

Key take aways:

  1. Why enable Smart Manufacturing and where to start
  2. Operational data that allows users to be more proactive and gain insights into their operations
  3. Faster return on investment and greater uptime
  4. A framework of design and operation tools that will simplify system integration, operation and maintenance
  5. Safety features that enhance both safety and productivity by improving machine access, reduce downtime and reduce restart time

We are doing this seminar to help you create your Smart Manufacturing Journey

→ To get the right information into the right people’s hands at the right time.
→ To improve the quality of your products while decreasing disruptions in manufacturing processes.
→ To improve you worker’s safety and quality of life.
→ To apply contextual patterns in manufacturing that expand human possibility. 

Don’t miss this chance, register now!

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