SMART Manufacturing Day 2021

Advance your manufacturing smarter and faster. Smart manufacturing is a journey, not a destination.
As technology evolves, so do the opportunities.

Enjoy the Smart Manufacturing Day 2021 content OnDemand through 2022

Embracing Smart Manufacturing is no longer optional. In this seminar you will be introduced in techniques of how to enable SMART manufacturing in your operations and facilities and how it equips you with the information and insights to optimise productivity, quality, risk management, and sustainability.

We had speakers coming from all over Nordics to talk about Smart Manufacturing and how it will provide you the flexibility to address manufacturing issues quickly and efficiently, while reducing downtime and risks to your workers, assets, and reputation. 

Key take aways from the SMART Manufacturing Event:

  1. Why enable Smart Manufacturing and where to start
  2. Operational data that allows users to be more proactive and gain insights into their operations
  3. Faster return on investment and greater uptime
  4. A framework of design and operation tools that will simplify system integration, operation and maintenance
  5. Safety features that enhance both safety and productivity by improving machine access, reduce downtime and reduce restart time

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