SMART Manufacturing Day

Advance your manufacturing smarter and faster. Smart manufacturing is a journey, not a destination.
As technology evolves, so do the opportunities.

We are excited to have you here with us!

Embracing SMART Manufacturing is no longer optional. In this webpage you will be introduced in techniques of how to enable SMART manufacturing in your operations and facilities and how it equips you with the information and insights to optimise productivity, quality, risk management, and sustainability.

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Optimize Productivity, Quality, and Safety

Smart manufacturing and digital transformation means connectivity from device, to machine, to system, to enterprise. It also means evolving risk management considerations. It means protecting your customer information, intellectual property, assets, workers, and environment. 

Our expertise, along with our partners in IT, provide us with a unique understanding of the IT/OT convergence to be successful in both digital transformation and the requirements of building a smarter, safer, more secure infrastructure.

Machine Safety by Niklas Flykt

In this topic we will conquer three large safety topics: Machine Safety, Process Safety and Safety Management

You will hear how safety as a standard will reduce development time in machine building, but also how to protect your people, assets, and environment. 

Managing your safety in effect way you will deliver measurable difference to plant safety, performance, and profitability.

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Emulate 3D by Ervin Kaur

Smart manufacturing and digital transformation mean connecting devices to machines, systems, and ultimately the entire enterprise infrastructure.

Ervin Kaur from Klinkmann Estonia will talk about the new features of Emulate 3D, a digital twin tool from Rockwell Automation and also about Digital Engineering and how it is understood in Rockwell Automation.

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Integrated Architecture

Learn how Integrated Architecture is keeping pace with automation trends and with which products to meet market challenges. 

We are featuring new L8 Series PLC built-in process libraries among other things like Guard Locking switches and Safety Curtain solutions for premium integrations.

The speakers are Tommi Valkeapää from Finland and Christoffer Nordström from Sweden.

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Smart Devices—the foundation of smart manufacturing

It Starts with a Push of a Button

Smart devices are the foundation for smart systems – and smarter machines. They are the gateway to the information you need to take immediate action, improve productivity, and start your journey for a digital transformation.

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React less and plan more with better information and insights

Allen‑Bradley smart devices deliver the information you need to take action—and fast! Whether it’s easily identifying where a problem has occurred or advanced notification before one puts a stop to your production, our portfolio of smart devices lays the foundation for smart manufacturing.

Why do we need smart machines and devices?

Yesterday’s “smart” machines produced information. Instead, today’s smart machines and devices need to turn data into insights that can help make better decisions. Intelligent machines and devices that utilize digital technologies go beyond traditional modes of operation, control and maintenance.

The Operating System of Your Enterprise

Industrial control systems manage the operations of your plant assets, provide production and asset information to operations, maintenance, and management, and provide the platform for analysis and coordination of production throughout your enterprise. From devices that predict maintenance needs, to safety systems that optimize productivity, to insights when and where they are needed.

We did this seminar to help you create your Smart Manufacturing Journey

→ To get the right information into the right people’s hands at the right time.
→ To improve the quality of your products while decreasing disruptions in manufacturing processes.
→ To improve you worker’s safety and quality of life.
→ To apply contextual patterns in manufacturing that expand human possibility. 

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