PL Unitronics Unistream Application Remote automation systems in boilers houses


Remote automation systems in boilers houses​


Boiler house “SILTUMS” is equiped with heat-producing system manufactured in Druva town (Saldus parish) by “AGB Serviss” company specialized in boiler house manufacturing. Chairman of the Board Aivars Bundsens appreciate the Kuldiga’s Heating Network for the fact that during the project realization work was planned with a deep understanding of the technological processes. “Workload seemed an impossible task due to short deadlines. In an empty place with a clay pit, a modern boiler room was created, providing residents with centralized heat supply. The new boiler house has a 1,5 MW wood chip boiler, ”said Bundsens.

After four months of hard work, obstructing by continuous rains in early December, the new boiler house “SILTUMS” started to work, providing central heating for the residents of the commune village Priedaines in Kurmale.

Remote control is provided via modem communication. The boiler room has video surveillance, as well as fire and security alarm systems. Thanks to the integrated data processing system from the connected IP cameras, the controller displays the video (stream) in real time and is able to play the sound.

Many advantages of the new system

The most important development factor for any energy company is to serve better its target market. Following this trend and local market specifics, to which we were originally oriented, we were looking for a solution which will make our product more attractive to the customers. Initially, it was conceived as a single universal system that would fit our entire range of boilers.

After some time, we have realized that Unitronics controllers are much more comprehensive and flexible than a range of other similar products, so we expanded its usage scope. Currently, the range of Unitronics controllers covers almost all of our automation needs and in the future we plan to expand its usage scope and applications. For example, it is planned to migrate to Unistream 10 with a larger 10” screen and advanced communication options.

Why Unitronics?

First of all, it is the attractive pricing of the all-in-one product, which is very important for the local market.

The second, and in some cases even the prior bonus is an integrated programming environment, from which you do not need to “log off”, working with part of the PLC or HMI in online mode. All functions are available“ in one device.” This is a world-class product/solution that surely can replace any other alternative system.

Another important feature is that Unitronics products are regularly developing – there are updates in both software and hardware ranges of the equipment.

And most importantly: the manufacturer listens to the “customers and users” – in this case the programmer and quickly gives the needed support, if such appear. Honestly, I don’t even know of any other Vendor who are making support so quickly.

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