Verkkokoulutus: Citect SCADA perusteet

Aveva Historian training

Klinkmann Citect SCADA -kurssi on peruskurssi, jonka aikana käydään läpi ohjelmiston perusominaisuudet ja tutustutaan Citect Studio kehitysympäristöön.

AVEVA Edge to Enterprise Strategy Webinar

Aveva Insight Webinar

In today’s competitive environment, you are challenged to drive more performance from your assets, collaborate better and generate more value from your existing automation systems. In this webinar, you get a clear picture of how to start from Edge to an enterprise.

What is AVEVA Intouch HMI?

This is 3-hour training demonstrating what are the main features of Intouch HMI software. Familiarizing how to visualize and control devices using AVEVA Intouch HMI software.