AVEVA solutions and Smart Analytics to improve your maintenance and operations reliably

In the webinar, you’ll learn how to gather production and operational data using the AVEVA Operations products and specifically use the AVEVA Insight analytics tools to increase operational reliability and efficiency, as well as optimize operations through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

In the webinar, we will briefly review the AVEVA Operations portfolio products for on premise collecting, storing enriching and visualizing the data (AVEVA Historian and AVEVA PI System) as well as the AVEVA Insight with analytics tools such as: Automated Analytics, Guided Analytics, Advanced Analytics and Condition Based Rules.

AVEVA Insight is a cloud platform for production process data collection, business decision making and proactive analytics. In addition to data, AVEVA Insight offers artificial intelligence features that help improve operational reliability and performance. Analytics between the operational functions of an organization provides a framework for continuous process optimization. Eliminating data hoarding and uncomplicated data sharing is the foundation for the evolution of organizations.

AVEVA Historian (formerly Wonderware Historian) combines advanced data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface to ensure open access to your process, alarm, and event data. It enables faster, more informed decisions while keeping your team fully informed on operational performance.

AVEVA PI System (formerly Osisoft PI) enables digital transformation through trusted, high-quality operations data. Collect, enhance, deliver and share data in real time, from edge to cloud. Support new business opportunities with IIoT technology.

Connect your workforce and increase overall equipment effectiveness through AI

Kestävän ja kannattavan teollisen toiminnan saavuttamiseksi nykyaikainen teollisuus tarvitsee luotettavia järjestelmiä ja dataa, jotka tukevat henkilöstön kehittyviä tarpeita kaikilla tasoilla.

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Erillisistä ratkaisuista useiden toimipisteiden toimintojen hallintaan

AVEVA-ratkaisut tarjoavat vertaansa vailla olevan skaalautuvuuden mihin tahansa projektiin, olipa kyseessä sitten vankka SCADA (valvontaohjaus ja tiedonkeruu) useille toimipisteille tai tapa visualisoida tietoja pienemmistä ja edullisemmista laitteista.

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Agility and Resilience in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are challenged by the need for agility, transparency and operational efficiency – the ongoing digital transformation of manufacturing operations helps to improve productivity and effectiveness through easier access to information, higher levels of automation and starts changing the way work is done in the manufacturing plant.

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