ADVEN implements AVEVA InTouch systems for local and remote operations

After a successful merger with the Swedish heating company Värmevärden, Adven has become a leading partner in the energy transition in the Nordic and Baltic countries with over 50 years of experience.

The company is a leading provider of energy and water recycling solutions in Northern Europe. Adven entered the Latvian market four years ago, focusing on the more sustainable development of district heating services in the region.

The business model of Adven

Energy as a Service® is based on a full range of services and long-term cooperation, offering customized and long-term solutions for both industrial consumers and district heating. Adven designs, builds, owns and operates not only new but also existing power generation infrastructure.

ADVEN is a long time AVEVA software user. ADVEN implements AVEVA InTouch systems for local and remote operations as well as for collecting and processing data from biofuel boiler houses (SCADA) .

Project target:

Boiler house operating and reporting with continuous system maintenance by having access to the latest secure data transfer solutions without interrupting the heat production process.

Klinkmann solution:

AVEVA InTouch HMI for SCADA system

AVEVA InTouch allows operators to optimize operators´ interactions with industrial automation systems from various suppliers. Unique situational awareness libraries provide operators with the contextual information they need to quickly and accurately resolve abnormal situations before they impact operations, enabling expand the capabilities of the system without interrupting critically important operations.

Benefits to customer:

New software solutions are successfully synchronized with Adven Group’s production data monitoring system in line with Company internal IT policy, at the same time providing the operators with great productivity tool for data collection and processing.

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