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Rose & Bopla's Alubos, aluminum extrusion enclosure system, can be infinitely configured as a handheld or instrument The ALUBOS enclosure line offers custom sizing options for robust hand-helds, as well as many standard designs. ALUBOS is a series of aluminum extrusions, sold in meter lengths, and die-cast aluminum end caps. The ALUBOS enclosure with an RFI gasket is ideal for applications requiring EMI/RFI protection. All extrusions and end caps are offered with a black powder-coat finish. 
     ALUBOS profiles are available in 9 sizes ranging from 57 x 32 mm up to 210 x 74 mm (external dimensions). These extrusions are designed with integrated guide rails for mounting printed circuit boards. 
     The ALUBOS series comes in 3 versions: the closed version (ABP), available in all sizes; the split profile (ABPH), offered in all sizes except 1600 and 2070 series; and the “U” shaped version (ABPU), available in 820, 1040, 1300 and 1680 series. The 2-part split profile version offers convenient mounting options, with integrated guide rails that enable the insertion of printed circuit boards into an open enclosure. Gasketing between the two profiles, and at the end caps ensures an ingress protection IP 65/NEMA 13 for the ABPH versions. Closed profiles (APB) also offer a protection rating of IP 65/NEMA 13. “U” shaped versions with aluminum plate lid are dustight, rated IP 40.
     All ALUBOS versions have available a wide range of accessories, from die-cast end caps and integrated battery compartments to wall-mount brackets and adapters for combining different profiles. Black seals are standard, however, 4 colored gaskets are offered to give your ALUBOS a unique look. RFI gaskets are available on request.
TG Handheld Series    
Rose & Bopla TG handheld enclosures in ABS plastic In data acquisition and measuring applications, mobility and functionality are essential factors in making a system successful. The new TG enclosure series offers cost-effective, basic components for applications ranging from manual data input to electronic data acquisition using scanners or chip cards.
     TG 130, the smaller enclosure system in the series, has been effectively used for magnetic card devices, as well as for positioning apparatus in laboratories and in medical applications. 4 versions are available: a flat design with or without a display cut-out; a deeper design with increased mounting height for additional boards or electromechanical components, with or without a display cut-out. This enclosure consists of a top and bottom part with a battery compartment and lid and is designed to accommodate membrane keypads. There are 2 cover plates in the head and shaft sections to facilitate customizing for interface modules or slots for card inserts. 
     The ergonomically shaped TG 180/230 enclosures consist of a top and bottom part with a keypad plate, head and shaft cover plate. Battery compartment must be ordered separately. They are available in a closed and an open version (with display cutout). The variable display attachment set allows for mounting different sized displays. The maximum display board dimensions for TG-180 are 66 x 46mm; TG 230, 78 x 56mm. For maximum mobility, a 4.8V Ni-Cd battery pack is available and can be replaced using a simple snap-on mechanism. Accessories for the TG180/230 include a charging station, silicone switching mat, wrist strap, and transparent head cover for use with scanners.
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BG Handheld Series    
Rose & Bopla BG handheld enclosures in rugged polyamide plastic, up to IP65 The BG mobile hand-held enclosure series is designed to meet today’s demanding automation engineering requirements where mobile systems are a necessity. These robust ergonomically designed enclosures are made of durable polyamide and feature a tongue and groove sealing system with an integrated gasket that provides an ingress protection up to the IP 65. The BG 180 and 220 hand-held enclosures are ideal for use in areas such as machine operation and control, set-up tasks and status analysis, and measuring applications in harsh environments. 
     BG hand-held enclosures are available in a closed design, or open for display mounting, with the exception of the 380 model, which is only offered in the closed design. The construction of the BG 180 and 220 offers a lot of practical advantages– the angled head section makes a display very easy to read; the upper part is recessed to accommodate membrane keypads; and large functional areas are provided for electromechanical switches, buttons, or membrane keypads. The larger BG 380 model, with dimensions of 380 x 117 x 68 mm, opens up a wide range of application options like machine control devices, display enclosures, or measurement and control instruments. The symmetrical design of the 380 is suitable for use as a hand-held enclosure, a desktop enclosure, a wall-mount enclosure, or for use as a mobile device attached with a waist belt .
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Rose & Bopla Tastomat handheld or instrument enclosure is made of glass bead reinforced polyamide plastic The Tastomat was developed specifically for use as factory floor control units in tough operating conditions. This enclosure offers ample space for many standard applications. Tastomat is gasketed to provide an ingress protection rating of IP 65 and is made of glassbead-reinforced polyamide. These two factors offer optimal protection for your electronic components even under the most demanding circumstances. 
     The wrap around 5mm recessed front panel area gives a high degree of protection for fitted operating elements against unintentional operation or destruction. Molded-in ribs in the bottom half of the enclosure are designed for easier handling. 
     Drill holes in the base can be used for wall-mount applications. Six M4 x 62 assembly screws secure the housing together from the rear. Four internal mounting bosses with M3 threaded inserts accept screws for mounting plates. 
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Pilot 250    
Rose & Bopla's Pilot 250 handheld enclosure, in polyamide, is ideal for industrial environments. Up to IP65 Fast-changing requirements for plant automation and control applications necessitate a total integration of portable electronic devices. Rose+Bopla has responded to this trend by developing new and innovative products for industrial use. The Pilot 250 is the forerunner of a new generation of mobile control enclosures for manufacturers of operating, test, and data acquisition systems. Pilot 250 offers many mounting possibilities, ideal for electronic and electromechanical components.
     The Pilot 250 is a 3-part polyamide enclosure consisting of: a base with integral mounting bosses for printed circuit boards, displays, membrane keypads, and electronic assemblies; a rear cover; and a lid. Access is provided through the removable rear cover for fast replacement of electronic components, interface modules or to access the battery compartment. The Pilot 250 features a tongue-and-groove sealing system with an integrated gasket that offers an ingress protection up to IP 65.
     Two versions of the Pilot 250 are available: a polyamide enclosure with a closed front panel lid; and a polyamide enclosure with a lid frame for custom-made front panels. Accessories include an aluminum front panel, a wall-mount bracket, battery holder, and cable gland.
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Mobile Control Units 2911, 2912, 2913    
Rose & Bopla Mobile Control units for industrial applications Providing an interface between man and machine, the 2911, 2912 and 2913 machine control enclosures offer versatile design possibilities for handheld control units. These enclosures are designed for use in machine and plant engineering, to protect sophisticated electronic equipment in control engineering, and even for display units, just to name a few.
     These control unit enclosures offer ideal conditions for mounting small control devices and control panels. Because of the inner and outer enclosure profile design, adequate protection is ensured, even in rough industrial environments. A screened (EMI/RFI) inner enclosure, made of aluminum, is also available if sensitive electronic components need to be protected.
     The outer enclosure profile is manufactured from PVC extrusions, making variable lengths possible. The yellow end caps are injection molded in Polyamide. The black plastic side casings are ridged for improved handling and are adjustable to allow for a wide or narrow front panel width. Housings are gasketed for dust and splash water protection and the aluminum front panels are removable for machining.
     Standard configuration for these Control Unit housings consists of an inner enclosure profile with end caps, an outer enclosure profile with end caps, front panel, rear panel, wall-mount fitting, and machined hole for M25 cable grip. Accessories include: wall-mount bracket, aluminum front panel, M25 power cable grip, M12, M16, and M20 can be ordered with M25 adapter.
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Mobile Control Units 2930, 2940, 2950    
Rose & Bopla Mobile Control Units are ideal for push button control stations  Rose+Bopla offers handheld control units to suit a variety of applications. Often in mechanical and control engineering, mobile one-handed or two-handed operating control units are used for installation and operation. Our smallest unit, the 2940, is designed as a single push-button control unit. It is ideal for panic button controls in production line manufacturing situations. It can be mounted at a master console, or at additional work stations with extra wall-mount brackets. The black polyester front panel is removable. The 2930 is identical to the 2940 except for the larger sized head on the 2930 . Both units are injection molded in yellow Polyamide.
     The 2950 is the largest, designed as a multi-button control station. Up to 10 push buttons or switches can be built in, depending on the size and application. This unit features a built-in left-hand handle and cord wrap. The front anodized aluminum front panel is removable for machining and labeling and attaches to the enclosure with a stick-on adhesive decal. The 2950 is constructed of yellow polyester. The 2950 is a robust design, resistant to most industrial acids, chemicals and ultraviolet rays.
     All units come with removable front panels, Neoprene gasket, wall-mount brackets, screws and a power cord cable grip. These units already have a pre-threaded hole for the cable grip in the bottom. If the grip is not required, it may be filled with a Rose hole plug. The 2940 and 2930 units come with a M20 cable grip. The 2950 units come with a M20 cable grip. Cable grips are designed to give bending protection and strain relief.
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Mobile Control Units 2921    
Rose & Bopla Mobile Control Units are made of glass-filled polyamide. Up to IP 65  Rose+Bopla’s 2921 Mobile Control Units are similar to the 2930 and 2940 Mobile Control Units, but are offered with five different sized heads to suit a wide variety of control requirements. Modern engineering facilities use membrane panels for mobile controlling and installation. The 2921 series enclosures offer ideal mounting capabilities for membrane keypads or electro-mechanical components.
     With their graded sizes, custom front panels can be designed for mounting push buttons or membrane keypads as required. Ergonmically shaped handles offer improved handling and impact-resistant polyamide material make 2921 Mobile Control Units ideal for tough industrial settings.
     Each unit consists of an enclosure body, a removable front panel with stamped Neoprene gasket, flat-head screws, wall-mount bracket with hardware, and M20 power cord cable grip. The 2921 Mobile Control enclosure has a pre-threaded hole for the cable grip at the bottom. If the grip is not required, it may be filled with a Rose hole plug. Cable grips are designed to give bending protection and strain relief. As an option, a self-adhesive magnet can be attached to the rear of the enclosure.
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Rose & Bopla's stylish Arteb plastic enclosures are at home in office environments  ARTEB handheld enclosures, made of durable ABS plastic, offer an extensive array of design features that make them the perfect package for portable electronic equipment. This new handheld enclosure combines ergonomic design, flexibility, optional IP 65 protection and high functionality, all to the user’s advantage. The unified design concept, which ranges over 6 sizes in combination with end caps in black and 6 colors, gives any electronic device a 
distinctive appearance. ARTEB meets the challenge with many possible combinations.
     In the standard configuration they are classified with an ingress protection rating of IP 40. However, gasket sets are available that increase the rating to IP 65, with the exception of ART 115. On ARTEB models with 2 end caps, it is possible to mount small boards or mounting plates vertical to the enclosure base by utilizing the integrated slot between the base and lid. All sizes in the ARTEB series are membrane keypad ready, and ART 335, ART 555, and ART 865 are offered with a display opening. Plastic display screens with scratch resistant coating are available for all display (DIS) versions. Battery compartments are made for larger sizes (ART 555, ART 655, ART 865). Battery compartments come with integrated front panels to prevent contact with other built-in components. Battery compartment dividing walls are an option for ART 335, ART 555, ART 655 and ART 865. Two types of catch locks are sold as accessories. One catch lock allows the enclosure to be opened by hand, instead of with a screwdriver. The other type prevents the opening of the enclosure. This gives the flexibility to set the cap functions differently from top to bottom depending on your design. 
     ARTEB enclosures are supplied as a lid and a base. End caps, gaskets, battery compartments, dividing walls, display screens and snap locks must be ordered separately.
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Databoss Series     
Rose & Bopla's Databoss handheld enclosures is ideal for mobile data collection and processing applications  This highly adaptable ABS hand-held enclosure system is available in gray or black, depending on the design. Each enclosure type provides different equipment features and accessories, so making it easy to find the ideal enclosure for use with a wide range of mobile data collection and processing applications.  Product Catalogue
Limanda Handheld    
Rose & Bopla's rugged Limanda enclosures offer large screen display possibilities for data acquisition  Designed for electronic data acquisition and operating systems used in medical technology, instrumentation and control, as well as in automation technology, the truly innovative LIMANDA handheld operating enclosure system is offered by Rose+Bopla. 
     LIMANDA is a two-shell panel enclosure offering IP 65 protection and can be used as a mobile, stationary or semi-stationary system for compact electronics in an upright or a horizontal position.
     The break-proof polyamide enclosure comes with three interface compartments in the rear to accomodate connectors and electronic components.
     Two recessed screw-on chambers enable adaptation to equipment mounting systems or can be used to accommodate ventilation devices.
     When intermediate frames are used, LIMANDA’s mounting space can be varied in depth. LIMANDA includes a lid and base as standard. Supplementing the standard product line, a wide variety of accessories, including front panels, stationary mounting adapters, handle sets, and expansion frames are also available
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BOS Streamline    
rose Rose+Bopla’s new BOS Streamline enclosure provides a greater range of opportunities for use in the field of mobile data recording and processing.
     BOS Streamline is a universal concept for mobile applications. It is available as standard in three sizes and the following colors: graphite gray (similar to RAL 7035 and silver (coated). The different angled design of the two enclosure half-shells means that the lids and bases can be arranged in parallel or as a console type. The symmetrical design permits both horizontal and vertical use. Consequently, the enclosure can be adapted to meet individual requirement in respect of the available space, ergonomics and design.
     The enclosures are equipped with a display window which is suitable for graphic-capable display, or alternatively with a continuous membrane keypad surface. The enclosures can be ordered as standard in IP 40 and IP 65. In addition, the decorative seal, which is available as an accessory offers anti-knock protection.
     The BOS-Streamline enclosures are available both with and without an integrated battery compartment. The large number of accessories and the individual combination of the half-shells makes it possible to configure a wide range of variants.
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rose The BOS-Ecoline enclosure system combines the custom sizing advantages of aluminum profiles with the cost effectiveness of ABS plastic end lids to create a robust enclosure that can be used for a wide range of electronic applications. These clear anodized aluminum profiles are available in three different versions – closed, open on one side, or split profiles – in four profile width sizes from 57.5 mm to 120 mm. Profiles are equipped with integral guide grooves for PC Boards. Two ABS plastic end lids are available, with or without wall brackets. Profiles feature recessed areas for front membranes or membrane keypads. IP 40 rating is standard, but can be increased to IP 54 on ELP profiles with seals in the end caps. Seal kits and end lids are sold separately. Profiles are sold in meter lengths. Product Catalogue