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ETA – Kaapit, seinäkotelot ja pulpetit.

ETA kaapit ja seinäkotelot ovat erityisesti kehitetty teollisuuden ja kiinteistöjen sähköasennuksiin. Kaappien pintana ruostumaton teräs tai vahva erikoispuuterimaali. Kaapeilla on korkea IP-luokitus. Erityisominaisuudet, kuten siirreltävät asennuslevyt, kaapelireitys ja teräs/ikkunaovet helpottavat asennustyötä.

Rivikaapit ja yksiosaiset kytkentäkaapit Rivikaapit  



Areta : ARETA is not just a Modular cabinet but a complete system, which allows several solutions for the distribution and automation business. Thanks to the well designed orthogonal joint, the cabinet can be mounted in only a few minutes.
The mounting operation is restricted only to 8 screws and all the other alloy manufactured accessories (hinges, fixing elements, etc.) are ready to be used.
The cabinet profile has been well engineered and the result provides all the safety, strength and modularity standards. Profile and orthogonal joint are welded together using the very latest in laser welding technology.
The vast range of dimensions (over 90 frame sizes) satisfies any demand.
The mounting plates, available in two versions: frontal or side entry, are adjustable in depth and easy mounted thanks to two sliding guides mounted on the bottom.
The ARETA Cabinet offers the very best in style and protection with stylised handles and two colour finishing to enhance your standard product.
Areta suite cabinet
E.go : E.GO is the ideal solution for customers who require an enclosure of outstanding quality at an affordable price.
Profile and rails are made up of a unique closed profile manufactured from 1.5mm sheet steel, clamped and with rounded edges.
The frame corners are manufactured with orthogonal joints made from special steel and welded to vertical uprights and horizontal rails for the roof and bottom.
Only 8 high resistance screws are necessary to mount the structure, while two position pins allow the easy mounting of the two parts of the joint.
  Yksiosaiset kytkentäkaapit  
ATB8: ATB8 is a welded monobloc cabinet, with removable rear panel, available in two depths (400-500 mm) and heights from 1200 to 2000mm.
The door, with 3 or 4 hinges (according to the height), is extremely rigid thanks to the mounted frame on the inner part of the door.
The double folded mounting plate manufactured from 2.5mm sheet steel, is adjustable in depth.
The cable entry is also adjustable.
Protection degree: IP 55 according to EN60529.
ATB8 mobobloc cabinet
Kaappimodulit, Areta Areta Multiple doors  
A range of cabinet with multiple doors for the LV Power distribution created on the Areta structure. Specific mounting kit allows the fitting out of: – Front with door modules complete of with a self-lining locking system. – Split cubicles with mounting plate adjustable in depth. The Areta modularity together with a special union system make possible the joining of different modules. The Areta multiple doors cabinets are supplied mounted, for this reason in case of order please specify the door disposition and the opening direction. Protection degree: IP 55, according to EN60529. Paint finish: Eta standard epoxy polyester powder coating.RAL 7035 Textured finish. Areta modularUsing the structure of a standard Areta cabinet it is possible to create modular internal systems for the LV Power distribution. Specific mounting kits allow the fitting out of: – Inner front with panels or doors including locking system with no extractable screw. – Split cubicles adjustable in depth according to the different dimension of the devices to be installed. The Areta modularity together with a special union system make possible the joining of different modules. Protection degree: IP 55 according to EN60529. Paint finish: standard epoxy polyester powder coating. RAL 7032 textured finish. Glazed door in RAL 7035 with aluminium rails in RAL 7025.
Modular solutions
PC-kaapit PC solutions  
pc solutions
PC enclosures: A frontal frame is mounted on the standard ARETA cabinet to form the basis of this PC cabinet assembly.
The front includes:
- Transparent silk-screen monitor door with gas spring avoiding accidental closing
- sliding shelf for keyboard fixing
- transparent panel for CPU access with gaskets for IP protection
- lower door
The use of plastic materials (ABS) has resulted in a much lighter assembly and offers high aesthetics with a rounded finish.
The monitor support is adjustable and therefore adaptable for optimum viewing.
CPU support is adjustable.
Other accessories include:
- fixed or sliding printer support
- keyboard support with sliding mouse pad from sideProtection degree: IP 55 according to EN 60529Areta pc with folding keyboard support
A frontal frame with reduced depth is mounted on the standard ARETA cabinet.
The frontal frame includes:
- Upper stylised glass door for monitor viewing
- Adjustable monitor support
- Fold-down keyboard draw mounted in a separate housing, ensuring the cabinet is sealed even when operating the keyboard.
- Lower door for access to other peripheralsProtection degree: IP 55 according to EN 60529 pc on pedestalIn alternative to the PC cabinets,
Eta offers two different versions of PC housing on pedestals.
1) Offering a fold-down keyboard as standard, that can be locked away when not in use.
2) A writing shelf or pull-out keyboard can be used to close opening.
PC Solutions
Kompaktit CS kaapit CS compact enclosure  
comact enclosure
The new CS compact enclosure is the ideal solution for applications where a larger wall mounting box than ETA “ST” range or a smaller free-standing cabinet than ETA “ATB8” range is requested.Ergonomic design and solid construction are the key features of the CS enclosure, together with the possibility to fit standard ETA system accessories and a large cable entry opening.
This new product line will be offered in 6 single door sizes ranging from 600x1200x400 to 800x1400x400 and 6 double door sizes from 1000x1200x400 to 1200x1400x400. Here below its main features and benefits:
• Espagnolette 3-point locking system; standard DIN-lock with 3mm pin, possibility to fit other inserts
• Double folded mounting plate in the rearmost position and included in the supply
• Simplified adjustable cable entry similar to the cabinet’s one; double cable entry for enclosures W=1000 or more
• Studs welded on the sides, allowing the fixing of both the vertical profiles and profiles in depth
• Door with stiffening vertical rails fitted to ensure rigidity and allowing possibility to fit horizontal rails
• Possibility to fit the new modular plinth ATZE
• Lifting system identical to the ATB8 cabinets’ one, with eyebolts WTGS-003
• Wall mounting fixation with ETA standard SDWC-010 wall mounting brackets (used for ST boxes)
• Protection rating IP 55, Type 12
• Standard colour RAL7035 (light grey) textured.
CS compact enclosure
Seinäkaapit Boxes solutions  
boxes solutions
Wall- mounting enclosures range of wall mounting enclosures is one of the highest quality metallic enclosures available on the market.
A well engineered project, which has been continuously updated and improved, has allowed the creation of a wide range of possible variations.
The actual ST range includes the following versions:
- 32 sizes manufactured from Fe40 sheet steel with blank door
- 19 sizes with glazed doors in both single and double door versions.ST range main characteristic is solidity obtained thanks to the considerable thickness of the sheet steel to the high technology and automation used for products and to the proper mix of the components.
Top quality materials are used:
- high performance technopolymers are used for locking systems and hinge pins (UL94VO self-estinguishing material)
- zinc alloy hinges
- thermosetting epoxy polyester powder coating for painting
- two components polyurethane sealing gasket applied by a robot
- sheet steelFurther features of the ST range are the 4 large size gland plates:
- a plate with removable flush plate
- removable twinting support rails to be mounted on the inner part of the door
- door reversibility obtained thanks to the screwed hinges
- gasket protection clip for transport and storage.
Protection degree is IP65 according to EN50298 NEMA for single door, IP55 for double door.
Four or six studs are welded inside the boxes (with the exception of 150mm depth enclosure), allowing the mounting of both an inner door, a modular chassis, a rack frame or the mounting plate adjustement system.
All the accessories are supplied separately so that to increase flexibility and optimizing finished products inventory.STP boxes have the same characteristics. They have a 3mm thick glazed door fitted with the care that Eta puts into all its products.Terminal BoxesManufactured from a single sheet of material, these boxes have an external edge with gutter profile preventing entry of dust.
To meet different customers requirements, the boxes are offered with Mounting plates or DIN profiles.
The lid is fixed with captive screws.Hinges can also be fitted. No drilling is necessary.
Protection degree IP 55 (NEMA 12) and IP 65 (NEMA 4) according to EN
Boxes Solutions
Ohjauspöytäratkaisut Control desk solutions  
control desk
Control desksEta’s range of control desks satisfies the most demanding customer requirements.
Of elegant simple lines, they allow the customer to tailor the unit to suit his requirements.
These requirements refers to the technical and constructional aspect of a applications where control desks are used on equipment or machines.
There are three styles in the range: a modular, sectional assembly,a one-piece construction and a desk cabinet.
The sectional desk can be made up choosing from a variety of elements: base, 2 types of shelf, console, plinth and cover, offering a very flexible arrangement to suit individual needs.
The one-piece desk is used in simpler applications but still offers an up-to-date technical specification.
These styles have bottom entry gland plates with an adjustable, removable section and an adjustable mounting plate.
Accessories are common to the three styles. The shelf lid of LE-ME and SBA are supplied with gas springs.
The design concept of the PE console allows the installation of racks or monitors and a supplementary casing can be fitted up to the back to increase the usable depth to 500mm.
The cabinet desks are manufactured from pressbent and welded 1.5mm and 2mm sheet steel.
The ZBA control desk range has been manufactured in parallel to the SBA range to meet simpler applications.Areta AL – desk cabinetIt is an evolution of the ARETA range and offers the same concept as the ARETA PC: a frontal frame mounted on the basic ARETA structure.
The range includes:
- Upper door with mechanical stop avoiding accidental closing;
- Lower door;
- Central section that allows the application of a blank panel or desk shelf with lid and gas stays.ARETA AL desk cabinets are available in 4 widths and 2 depths; the maximum height of 1400mm allows good viewing access for monitors and other visual components.
Painting is carried out in the standard Eta cycle with a RAL 7035 epoxy polyester powder finish.
Protection is IP55 according to EN 60529 and the range has UL and CSA certifications.
Control desk solutions
Jalustat Modular plinth  
modular plinth
ATZE is the new universal and modular plinth from ETA, offering a wide range of benefits:
• Versatility: one single plinth for the modular cabinets series Areta and Linea, the monobloc cabinets ATB8, the ST boxes, the desk-cabinets ATAL and the control desks models AE, SBA and ZBA.
The new ATZE consists of 3 codes only: the angular and front cross pieces are identical for all series and the side cross pieces have to be ordered separately to complete the plinth assembly
• Easy assembling thanks to the frontal entry: after simply removing the plastic corner caps, the plinth is easily assembled to the cabinet from the outside
• Functionality: the side cross pieces, rightly assembled, provides for a convenient passage of cables and strengthens the union between the cabinets
• Saving: with a small number of elements, multiple compositions can be made, consequently reducing materials supply and storage costs.
Modular plinth
RSD rivi- ja seinäkaapit Stainless steel solutions  
stainless steel
CabinetsStainless steel cabinets are used in both corrosive and food processing environments.
ARETA has been manufactured in stainless steel without changing its design structure or its accessories, thus providing all the benefits offered by the standard painted version.
The clean external finish gives the product an aesthetically very pleasant and highly professional appearance.Boxes
Stainless steel boxes are manufactured using the same construction and production concepts of the ST mild steel range.
Standard components are also in stainless steel including hinges, screws and the locking cam.
The clean external finish gives the product an aesthetically very pleasant and highly professional appearance.
Boxes are placed in a Polythene bag and heavy-duty carton with clear identification labels.Terminal boxes
For use in corrosive and food processing environments, these stainless steel terminal ones offer the same benefits as the stainless steel boxes.
The clean external finish gives the product an aesthetically very pleasant and highly professional appearance.
Protection degree: IP 65 (NEMA 4X) according to EN 60529.
Stainless steel solutions
EMC kaapit EMC Solutions  
emc solutions
The EC Directive 2004/108/CE on electromagnetic compatibilityapplies to equipment and units that can generate disturbance/interference or whose operation may be affected by disturbance/interference.
Increasing electromagnetic pollution requires to shield all electronic equipment installed in cabinets and panels.
The enclosures are not subject to EMC regulations, however ETA offers the following solutions:
Emc cabinets Emc boxes
EMC solutions