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Woodhead molex
OPTO 22 Helmholz MatrikonOPC    

Molex Woodhead – Verkkokortit kenttäväyliin.

Woodhead on erikoistunut kenttäväyliin. Erikoisosaamisalueena fyysisen väyläkortin ja ohjelmistorajapinnan mahdollisimman tehokas integroiminen.


Profibus Solutions  
Profibus is a standardized global open network communication system with one of the largest installed bases – well over 2 million to date – in factory automation. It allows all automation devices, sensors, actuators, PLCs, etc to communicate with each other over a single bus. Profibus was developed for high-speed communication and fast cyclic updates up to 12Mbits per second.

Brad PROFIBUS Product Overview

Brad automation solutions for PROFIBUS include cordsets, receptacles, field attachable connectors, I/O modules, PC & PLC interfaces, gateways, diagnostic tools and simulation software. Applications include supervisory HMI messaging, real-time control, bridging networks & devices, physical connections in harsh environments and I/O communications.

PLC Network Interface Modules  
Connect a PLC controller to an otherwise incompatible industrial network or I/O device.  

Cable, cordsets, receptacles, tees & connectors  
Brad connectivity products offer the benefits of quick-connect – fast machine commissioning, the elimination of wiring errors, and simple, device additions and replacements – to Profibus networks.

  • cable
  • cordsets
  • receptacles
  • tees
  • field attachable connectors
  • terminators

Power Media  
Power is supplied to the active modules via a 5-pole Mini-Change connector. Two of the contacts are used to provide power to the module’s electronic circuits and any input devices such as proximity switches. A separate and isolated power circuit is provided via another two contacts. This is used for output devices only and is not required on input only modules. This second supply should be controlled via the machine’s safety systems to ensure that no outputs are activated during operator interface with the machine.  

Diagnostic D-Sub connectors effectively reduce installation, connection and troubleshooting time with their unique design.  

Network Interface Cards  
Connect a PC-based application (soft PLC, HMI, SCADA, operator interface) to a PROFIBUS network.Computer bus formats supported include Universal PCI (3.3V/5V), USB, PCMCIA, PC/104, ISA, CompactPCI, VME and embedded.  

Communication Software  
Software tools enable a fast integration of industrial networks and your application.