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Woodhead molex
OPTO 22 Helmholz MatrikonOPC    

Molex Woodhead – Verkkokortit kenttäväyliin.

Woodhead on erikoistunut kenttäväyliin. Erikoisosaamisalueena fyysisen väyläkortin ja ohjelmistorajapinnan mahdollisimman tehokas integroiminen.   

Industrial Ethernet Solutions

 Brad Ethernet Product Overview  
Brad automation solutions for Industrial Ethernet include cordsets, receptacles, field attachable connectors,
I/O modules, PC interfaces, gateways, switches, diagnostic tools and simulation software.
Applications include supervisory HMI messaging, real-time control, bridging networks & devices, physical connections in harsh environments and I/O communications.
Ethernet protocols currently supported include:   

  • Altus – Alnet II (AL 200x, Webgate)
  • Alstom – SRTP (C80-35, C80-75)
  • Allen-Bradley – EtherNet/IP (Logix, PLC-5 and SLC 500)
  • GE Fanuc – SRTP (90-30, 90-70)
  • Mitsubishi – Melsec (A, Q)
  • Omron – FINS (C, CV, CS)
  • Schneider – Open Modbus TCP and UNI-TE (Premium & Micro)
  • Schneider – Ethway
  • Siemens – Industrial Ethernet ISO (S5, S7, TF and TI)
  • Siemens – Industrial Ethernet (S5, S7, TI)
  • UDP Send / Receive (Free messaging)
  • Development toolkit for TCP/IP protocols
Network Interfaces for PC Control, SCADA and HMI applications  
Network interfaces for communication with Ethernet are available in both hardware (PCI bus format) and software interfaces.

Hardware interface (PCI bus format):
applicom and Direct-Link Universal 3.3/5V PCI network interface cards connect a PC to Ethernet. For messaging applications, a two channel version is also available allowing the PC to act as a gateway between Ethernet and another network. 

Software interface:
Direct-Link SW1000 communication drivers provide data acquisition between HMI/SCADA applications and industrial devices connected to Ethernet TCP/IP applications. Use a standard Ethernet interface card or just the Ethernet port in the computer. Quickly upgrade to the Brad PCI interface for a more dedicated communication link and higher performance without changing your configuration.