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Molex Woodhead – Verkkokortit kenttäväyliin.

Woodhead on erikoistunut kenttäväyliin. Erikoisosaamisalueena fyysisen väyläkortin ja ohjelmistorajapinnan mahdollisimman tehokas integroiminen.


DeviceNet is a digital, multi-drop network that connects and serves as a communication network between industrial controllers and I/O devices. Each device and/or controller is a node on the network. DeviceNet is a producer-consumer network that supports multiple communication hierarchies and message prioritization. DeviceNet systems can be configured to operate in a master-slave or a distributed control architecture using peer-to-peer communication. DeviceNet systems offer a single point of connection for configuration and control by supporting both I/O and explicit messaging. DeviceNet also has the unique feature of having power on the network.

Dedicated to Your Success

Product lines, including such globally recognized names as applicom, Direct-Link, mPm, RJ-Lnxx and SST, are all designed to help engineers, systems integrators, machine builders and other OEMs successfully implement their DeviceNet industrial networking projects in harsh and demanding industrial environments.Brad product lines are developed in compliance with the standards and specifications published by industrial organizations to guarantee you a high level of performance, reliability and availability.An active member of the ODVA, Woodhead Industries provides the most complete product offering and technical support for your DeviceNet network – including gateways, diagnostic tools, network interface cards, PLC interface modules, physical media and I/O devices.

Discrete I/O modules for on-machine applications  
Brad I/O modules provide a reliable solution for connecting industrial controllers communicating on DeviceNet to I/O devices in harsh environments.

Rated for IP67 environments, Brad I/O modules can be machine mounted and are able to withstand areas where liquids, dust or vibration may be present. This makes them ideally suited for many applications including material handling and automated assembly machinery.

To faciliate input and output device wiring, Brad I/O modules accept standard threaded M12 connectors or Ultra-Lock connection system, a “push-to-lock” method that provides a fast, simple and secure connection between the I/O module and I/O devices.





Bus Extender  
Expand the functionality of your network by:

  • extending the cable length of the DeviceNet trunk or drop line effectively multiplying the allowed cable length
  • create a star topolopy of your DeviceNet layout, creating versatility in applications where many long drop lengths may be required
  • isolate sections of the network from electrically “noisy” devices such as variable frequency drives or DC switching power supplies
Network Interfaces  

DeviceNet interface cards

DeviceNet PLC modules

DeviceNet communications for embedded applicaitons



Communication Software  
 Software tools enable a fast integration of industrial networks and your application.