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Proface GP4000  
Esitteitä: GP4000 sarja, esite  
Product Selection:

  • 12.1-inch Lineup Standard Model GP-4601T / GP-4603T
  • 10.4-inch Lineup Standard Model GP-4501T / GP-4503T and W Model GP-4501TW
  • 7.5-inch Lineup Standard Model GP-4401T and Wide W Model GP-4401WW
  • 5.7-inch Lineup Standard Model GP-4301T / GP4303T and W Model GP-4301TW
  • 3.5-inch Lineup Standard Model GP-4201T / GP-4203T and W Model GP-4201TW

Proface_GP4000 product selection

The Pro-face Standard: Easy to Identify, Easy to Use Proface
Features 65,536-color TFT standard-equipped
A 65,536-color TFT display, previously found only on high-end models in the series, is now a standard feature on all models.
Operators can easily monitor conditions and the operating environment in real time using 3D real parts.
The Pro-face Standard: Energy Saving Proface
Standard equipped with LED backlight LCD + Lighting adjustment
Energy-saving capabilities have been greatly improved. The GP4000 Series contributes to reducing on-site power consumption in a variety of ways including an on-board LED backlight in all models, and a lighting adjustment function used to decrease and eventually stand-by the display after being idle for a set period of time.
The Pro-face Standard: Quick On-site Recovery Proface
Alarm Analysis function
When errors occur, operators can now minimize lost time by checking error-related data in order of occurrence. Simply touch the alarm message during an error to quickly track down the cause and perform an on-site recovery.
The Pro-face Standard: Remote Monitoring Proface
Ethernet I/F featured as standard
Ethernet I/F is now provided as a standard feature. The GP-Viewer EX software provides various remote monitoring functions, such as checking the screen of the GP located on a production site from a remote office.
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