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Klinkmann offers wide selection of Baumer products

Baumer provides you with everything you need to put your task in the field of measured value acquisition in rotary motion systems into practice – from encoders featuring the appropriate data acquisition method and data output to systems for combined measuring operations.
Product portfolio comprises both standard components and customer-specific modifications or configurations.

Baumer Motion Control Product Catalogue

Rotational angle sensors for drive technology and automation

Absolute Encoder PHG MC Abs Drehg
When choosing an absolute encoder made by Baumer you have drawn on trusted technology. For two decades, Baumer has been manufacturing absolute multiturn encoders. The technology proved itself a hundred thousand times in practice.
Baumer is the only manufacturer applying different technological methods in multiturn sensing: Magnetic and optical detection principles as well as generator and Wiegand Technology.
The broad product portfolio offered by Baumer comprises absolute encoders with magnetic and optical detection both in multiturn and singleturn sensing, all common interfaces and furthermore a big variety of mechanical designs.
Besides the versatile standard product range Baumer is prestigious for their competence in customer-specific designs like HeavyDuty encoders and tachogenerators, motor feedback encoders and two-in-one encoder solutions for combined positioning tasks and speed feedback.
Incremental Encoder PHG MC Inkr Drehg
Incremental and sine encoders are the vital link between periphery equipment and control in mechanical motion feedback systems. Encoders convert rotary motion into incremental or sine signals for electronic evaluation to enable motor speed feedback and position monitoring.
The Baumer product range covers micro-sized configurations (MICRO series) up to large hollow shaft diameters. Innovative sensing methods and mechanical designs ensure precise measuring results and versatile solutions – from motor feedback systems to HeavyDuty configurations, from standard to customized products.
Benefits of the Baumer incremental encoders:

  • encoders with incremental signal output
  • encoders with sine signal output
  • shaft and hollow shaft encoders
  • high resolutions, max. 1.000 000 ppr
  • programmable incremental encoders
  • encoders in stainless steel housings or with ATEX-approved explosion preotection
  • excellent radial runout, ultra-resitant against shock and vibrations
  • utmost reliability even in harsh environments
  • wide temperature range, protection standards up to IP69K
  • varied sizes of configurations for individual applications
  • versatile accessories for easy mouting
Encoder without bearing PHG MC Drehg lagerlos
By virtue of their extreme sturdiness encoders without bearing are especially intended for harsh industrial environments. Thanks to their compact design and large inner diameter they are prede- fined for use with generators, motors and gears.
Innovative, magnetic sensing methods enable precise evaluation of absolute, incremental or sine signals provided at the related outputs.Sturdy and without bearing

  • no bearing, thus appropriate for high speeds
  • sturdy and wear-free by non-contact sensing
  • resistant against shocks and vibrations for a longer operating life
  • unsusceptible to dust and dirt
  • extended temperature range even in harsh environments
  • very shallow axial mounting depth
  • also available as compact, linear measuring system

Ultra-high performance

  • absolute and incremental configurations
  • absolute encoders with incremental output
  • varied impulse numbers, resolutions, sizes
  • increased air gap tolerances
  • optional error output
  • high material measure
  • for drive shafts of max. 800 mm diameter
  • easy to mount
Tachogenerators and Resolvers PHG MC Tacho
Tachogenerators detect actual speed and direction values in realtime. Hereby they differ considerably from incremental encoders where the rotation speed is derived from the angle passed per time unit, what means by differen- ciating.
Tachogenerators are extremely sturdy and already standard configurations feature a wide operating temperature range. Brushless resolvers are indispensable in drive engineering and have been utilized for decades for commu- tation of brushless motors, as feedback sensors for servo drives, in robots and in aviation.

The main benefits of tachogenerators

  • precise sensing even of low speed values
  • no auxiliary energy source required
  • ultra-precise tacho voltage conversion over the complete speed range
  • patented LongLife technology for consistent low transfer resistance
  • reliable even in adverse ambient conditions
  • excellent, maintenance-free endurance
  • standard shaft and hollow shaft designs
  • also available with special surface protection

Resolver benefits

  • commutation of brushless motors
  • feedback sensor for servo drives
  • ultra-sturdy
  • wide temperature range
  • precise analog signals
  • varied mounting options
Speed switches PHG MC Drehzahls
Speed switches are intended for monitoring speed limits. Independent from other regulating systems, speed switches take over safety-relevant speed monitoring tasks at machines and production facilities. Speed switches are available both as digital and electronic.
A versatile product range

  • rugged, mechanically tripped centrifugal switch
  • digital speed switches applied in conjunction with an encoder
  • analogue-electronic speed switches with tachogenerator
  • combination: encoder + speed switch
  • combination: analogue tachogenerator + speed switch
  • tripped at a permanent or programmed speed
  • indication of actual rotation speed
  • optional tripping points independent of the rotational direction
  • for harsh industrial condictions
  • mechanical centrifugal switches do not require any auxiliary energy source
Combinations: encoders, tachogenerators, overspeed switches baumer
Encoder, tachogenerator and speed switch allow any optional combination what is a vital benefit in speed sensing and monitoring in the heavy industry.
Baumer combinations are characterized by a common shaft with two bearings, one at each end.
Baumer combinations for drive engineering

  • consolidated HeavyDuty technology
  • sturdy configurations highly protected against shock and vibrations
  • excellent EMC immunity
  • hard at work but precise
  • plenty of combination options
  • ultra-reliable components
Format alignment PHG MC Stell Pos
Often format alignments are still manual what means a big potential for improvement.
Baumer developed an ultra-flexible shaft positioning system offering a wide selection of modular configurations for your individual choice of the required level of automation.
Multicon and MulticonDrive

  • versatile shaft positioning system offering practice-oriented solutions, from manual to motive aligning operations
  • several levels of automation
  • AccuDrive, tool for mobile alignment
  • flexible system to be combined at will
  • quick and precise shaft alignments
  • minimized set up times by virtue of innovative user interface
  • eliminating editing errors and rejects
  • improve quality by virtue of reproducability
  • reliable and cost-efficient


  • compact actuator and positioning drive with integrated absolute position sensor
  • integrated power electronics
  • integrated fieldbus interfaces
  • optimum position and speed regulation
  • no reference cycles required
  • top overall system availability
  • modular system with flexible gear combinations
  • extended functions for customized settings and diagnostic options
Acceleration sensors baumer
Speed-controlled drives are subject to ever increasing demands regarding dynamics, smooth running and disturbance resistance. Vibrations must be reduced down to a minimum.
Acceleration sensors based on the Ferraris principle analyze the dynamic behaviour of a drive system.
Acceleration sensors for increased control-loop performance

  • acceleration feedback signal as state variable
  • for linear and rotary drives
  • Ferraris sensors measure the relative acceleration of drive
  • dynamic low-noise acceleration signal
  • improving dynamics and smoothness of a drive system
  • acceleration sensors as part of the control loop improve smoothness and consequently reduce wear
  • sturdy mechanical design, wide installation tolerance windows
  • easy to mount
  • easy implementation in existing facilities
  • resistant against high shock acceleration
Inclination Sensors PHG MC Neigung
Inclination sensors are a sort of electronic „water scales“ by sensing the degree of misalignment to the horizontal line.
Inclination sensors are of increasing importance in indus- trial applications since they constitute a vital share to improve automation, system availability and safety.

Manifold fields of application

  • monitoring the misalignment to the horizontal line is possible with nearly any moving object
  • Absolute inclination sensors featuring a sensing range of 15°, 30° and 60°
  • double-axis inclination sensing with a max. resolution of 0.001°
  • single-axis sensor featuring a sensing range of 360°
  • integrated fieldbus interfaces such as CANopen and Profibus
  • Widespread application fields: from accident prevention at cranes, excavators and industrial trucks to levelling tasks and machine control
  • diagnostic functions
  • sturdy, compact designs
  • zinc-diecast housing
  • optionally available as stainless steel design
Counters and Tachometers PHG SE Zaehler
Measuring and processing of quality and quantity-relevant production data are cycles repeating a thousand times at machines and production facilities. By their controllers and process displays Baumer provides the task-matching, practice-oriented equipment.
Process displays and tachometers enable evaluation of both physical and time-relevant measured values.
Electronic counters

  • totalizers and hour counters
  • preset counters with limit monitoring functions
  • multifunctional counters featuring parallel functions
  • LCD and LED displays
  • length sensing and monitoring
  • position sensing and monitoring
  • counting quantities and time
  • combinations with incremental encoders

Mechanical and electromechanical counters

  • totalizers, impulse counters and meter counters
  • preset counters with limit monitoring functions
  • PTB-approved counters for calibrated length measurement
  • combinations of mechanical counters and measuring wheels
  • on-site, mechanical measurement of strokes, revolutions and lenghts
  • meter counters applied at distance measuring equipment
  • length measurement at wallpapering tables and cable cutting operations
  • stroke counters at presses and punches
  • hand-held counters, e.g. for counting operations in traffic and forest

Tachometers and processdisplays

  • small, compact designs
  • timer, time and hour counters
  • electronic tachometers for speed and velocity applications
  • tachometers with two speed inputs
  • process display for analog and digital sensors
  • LCD and LED display